Clove is widespread in the temperate regions and tropical mountains of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere (1). It has been confirmed by studies that it is the most effective of all antioxidants known to date. It is known that clove is 400 times more effective than blueberries in terms of antioxidant properties, it has positive effects on physical, mental, and emotional health, and is a medically strong natural food (2). 

Among its volatile components, major bioactive components such as eugenol, eugenol acetate, and β-caryophyllene have analgesic and antiseptic properties. (3). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of clove as a flavoring agent in the food industry, as a fragrance in the cosmetics industry, and as a natural analgesic and antiseptic in dentistry (4). 

The clove herb has traditionally been used for centuries to treat dental illnesses, nausea and vomiting; It has also been used as a stimulant for bloating, liver, intestine, stomach diseases. At the same time, it is also known to be frequently used to treat viruses and different bacterial infections and has been proven by studies conducted (5). 

For thousands of years, scientists have used a wide variety of methods to benefit from the healing properties of herbs. EXTRACTs, obtained by the carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction method (SFE), which was developed to acquire bioactive components from herbs, make it possible to obtain almost all of the volatile bioactive components and other auxiliary active substances in herbs in a clean environment without oxidization. While the conventional water vapor distillation method acquires the active ingredients at the following levels; eugenol 72.08 - 82.36 %, eugenol acetate 8.61 - 21.32 %,  β-caryophyllene 2.76 - 8.64 %, the SFE method acquires eugenol at 78.04 %, eugenol acetate at 9.07 % and β-caryophyllene at 8.77 %. 

The extracts obtained by the SFE method are high-quality products that have not been oxidized and do not contain chemicals, together with their extensive effect on health.