A true miracle, a unique source of life...
It continues to be a source of inspiration for all traditional and modern medicine for about 3 thousand years.
Our story began with the mission of being beneficial to humankind while remaining faithful to nature and the natural. We produce "benefit and health" by blending humankind's centuries-old knowledge with our decades of experience.

So how do we produce?

We extract the essence of healing plants we obtain from the most fertile soils of the world, with our state-of-the-art systems and Supercritical Fluid Extraction method. With our processes where we acquire the purest form of plants, we transform the essence of nature into a water-soluble form and make it ready for use.


Every product that we develop is preserved in cooperation with Selçuk University and the industy and clinical studies on their benefit to humans are being evaluated.

The purity of nature, turns into wellness...

Being the most solid bridge between nature and humankind is an existence philosphy for us. In accordance with our purpose of presenting the best for human health, we design and develop preventive products to increase the quality of living standard. We know very well that healthy people are happy people, that happy people will create happy communities and hand this down to the next generations.

We continue to work meticulously to present the unique formula of Minerelax that becomes one with nature and turns every drop into health, to produce health, and to write the story of preventive medicine.


  • Minerelax works completely with the focus of benefit to humans.
  • Minerelax, which takes its source entirely from nature, produces products that are far from chemical mixtures, with no side effects.
  • Every product we produce is produced in the light of traditional medicine, with science and technology.

Our Values

  • Respectful to people, the law, ethical values and the environment,
  • Have humanitarian responsibility and sensitivity,
  • Socially responsible,
  • Researcher and innovative,
  • Reliable